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Books Mount McKinley : The Conquest of Denali
by Bradford Washburn, David Roberts (Contributor), Ansel Adams (Photographer)
washburn.gif (19609 bytes) Mount McKinley: The Conquest of Denali is the ultimate photography book of Mount McKinley.
Not Really an Alaskan Mountain Man  recounts author Doug Fine's hilarious attempts to adjust to rural Alaskan life after growing up in the suburbs of New York.  This Cheechako faced the coldest winter in memory, embarking on various adventures for which he was totally unprepared.
Papa was a Bush Pilot
by Sally McMahan Pollen

An unforgettable book about living and flying in mid-century "Bush" Alaska -- how Alaska used to be.
Wager with the Wind
by James Greiner

wager.gif (11761 bytes)

Read all about Alaska's legendary "Bush Pilot" Don Sheldon
Working Parents, Happy Kids
Our own Joanna Knapp has written this acclaimed book for working parents (and happy kids).
  "Among many things working parents need to be 
parents.gif (8525 bytes) successful, nothing will be more valuable than a copy of Working Parents, Happy Kids. " --Maurice Elias, PH.D., Professor of Psychology, Rutgers University.
Alaska Passages: 20 Voices from Above the 54th Parallel
by Susan Fox Rogers (Editor)

passages.gif (5971 bytes)

  Armchair travelers everywhere will find delight in this anthology of exuberant original essays.
City-Smart Guidebook: Anchorage 
by Donna Freedman 

Filled with entertaining information even longtime residents may not know,  containing fun top ten lists, such as "Top Ten Photo Opportunities" and "Top Ten Reasons to Run the Iditarod" 
Coming into the Country
by John A. McPhee

Country.gif (10608 bytes)

A New York Times Editor's Choice, Coming into the Country is an enchanting description of life in Alaska.  Many Alaskans have a life style unimaginable to most people.  Coming into the Country captures this in a way that makes you feel like you are there.
Runaway Me : Survivor's Story
by Evan K. Cutler
Alaska newcomer, Evan Cutler has known the streets as a runaway teenager and as a reader has said: "This is a book that permits us readers to understand the many facets of our society, all the while being engulfed by the struggles of a runaway teen. it made me feel and realize much about everything. I recommend it to everyone."  jowen
An Alaskan Novel

by Bob Cherry

Raven.gif (8255 bytes)

"Bob Cherry captures the brash, raucous spirit of Alaska's Territorial Days. Traplines, fishermen and half-remembered sea chanteys.  A tale of missionaries, mysticism and murder in the land of the Yup'ik Eskimo."
Race Across Alaska: First Woman to Win the Iditarod Tells Her Story
by Libby Riddles, Tim Jones

Libby.gif (6137 bytes)

Read the epic story of how Libby Riddles braved a fierce arctic storm on the ice in the Bering Sea to become the first woman to win the 1,100 mile Iditarod sled dog race.
Alaska 1899 : Essays from the Harriman Expedition
by George Bird Grinnell, Polly Burroughs (Designer)
In the summer of 1899, twenty-five of the finest scientists in the fields of geology, botany, ornithology, and ethnology were gathered for a two-month steamship cruise along the Alaska coast, for the purpose of investigating and documenting the country's newest frontier.
Wilderness: A Journal of Quiet Adventure in Alaska
by Rockwell Kent
A 9 month journal of  Rockwell Kent's life while in Alaska.
Working on the Edge : Surviving in the World's Most Dangerous Profession: King Crab Fishing on Alaska's High Seas
by Spike Walker

Edge.gif (10603 bytes)

A dramatic insider's account of the world's most dangerous profession: king-crab fishing in the frigid waters of the Bering Sea where the conditions are beyond most imaginations (90 mph Arctic winds, 25-foot seas, and superhuman stretches of on-deck labor).  Photographs.
The Right Touch: A Read-Aloud Story to Help Prevent Child Sexual Abuse
by Sandy Kleven, a children's mental health clinician in Bethel, Alaska
touch.gif (12284 bytes) The Right Touch, which received the Benjamin Franklin Award as the best parenting book of 1999, revolves around Jimmy, whose mother gently explains how to protect himself from improper touching.
Libby: The Sketches, Letters & Journal of Libby Beaman,
Recorded in the Pribilof Islands 1879-1880

Libbey.gif (14009 bytes)

Libby Beaman was the first American woman to travel to the Alaskan Pribilof Islands. Based on her diary, the tale of Libby, her husband, and the powerful first officer is told in all its passion. 20 line drawings.
Place of the Pretend People: Gifts from a Yup'Ik Eskimo Village
by Carolyn Kremers
This book represents a long time of seeking. It is a book about music, the outdoors, teaching, Alaska, Yup'ik and Inupiat Eskimos, and a woman named Carolyn.  Most of all, though, this is a book about love and about the ancient and sudden, unknowable places that love comes from.
The Last Light Breaking: Living Among Alaska's Inupiat
Eskimos by Nick Jans
The accounts of a young man from the east coast who decided to leave everything and live among the Eskimos of modern day
Alaska.  Jans uses myth, native language, and anecdotes to illustrate a picture of which he will never be truly a part.
Seven Words for Wind: Essays and Field Notes from Alaska's
Pribilof Islands
by Sumner MacLeish

7Wind.gif (12060 bytes)

Alaska's Pribilof Islands are incredibly beautiful and surreal. Seven Words for the Wind captures a piece of that beauty through a series of essays and field notes.
Two in the Far North
by  Margaret E. Murie, considered by many to be the "Grande Dame of the American Conservation Movement."

Two.gif (6339 bytes)

Murie recounts how she grew to understand, respect and love the Alaskan frontier during the early 20th century. From plagues of mosquitoes to the movement of caribou, Murie explores the many aspects of nature in Alaska. 32 illustrations.
Alaska Best Places : Restaurants, Lodgings, and Adventure (1997)
by Nan Elliot
1570610576.m.gif (3487 bytes) A must for visitors, Alaska Best Places is written by real Alaskans who describe the very best of Alaska's great outdoors, milepost stops, and places to eat and stay.
The Milepost
by Kris Valencia Graef

milepost.gif (16928 bytes)

This is The Trip Planner for Alaska, Yukon Territory, British Columbia, Alberta & Northwest Territories Spring '99 to Spring '00 (51st Ed).  Every year the Milepost publisher updates this must have travel gude for Alaska.
In Search of Adventure: A Wild Travel Anthology adventure.gif (9554 bytes) Well-known journalist, world traveler, raconteur, prospective movie maker and all around adventurer Doug Fine, currently living out of a cabin in Homer contributed the chapter on Suriname.   These people did all the wild things in their travels that most of us -well -- don't.
Videos Never Cry Wolf (1983)
Moving drama of biologist Tyler, sent by the Canadian government to 
"prove" that the wolves are depleting the caribou herds, but  finds is a natural world in perfect harmony.
North to Alaska (1947) bushpilots.gif (11683 bytes) The famous John Wayne movie about the rough and tumble times in Turn of the Century Nome during the Great Alaska Gold Rush.
Redington: The Man Behind the Last Great Race (1049 mile Iditarod Sled Dog Race) Joe Redington's monumental accomplishments make him an Alaskan legend:  '"Father" of the  Iditarod sled dog race, First of . 
Runaway Train (1985)

Also available in DVD.


Train.gif (12525 bytes)  Hardened criminal and young accomplice escape from prison and hide out on a train that's barreling through Alaska without an engineer. Copyright© Leonard Maltin, 1998
Pieces of you by Jewel Alaska's own Jewel with her megahit first album.
Lay It All Down by Libby Roderick Get Libby's latest CD
If You See a Dream by Libby Roderick.  1994 This CD has inspired a devoted following for this Alaskan songwriter/singer.
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