Peter Bartlett

Peter Bartlett

Ramy Brooks

Ray Redington Jr.

Ready to go!!!

Rick Swenson

Robert Sorlie

Sonny Lindner

Team Wells Fargo?

Tim Osmar

Tim Osmar

Todd Capistrant

Todd Capistrant

Anchorage Mayor George Wuerch

Anchorage Mayor George Wuerch

Anchorage Mayor George Wuerch

The Intersection of 4th and G Street

In the direction of the AlaskaCam

Another perspective of 4th and G

Behind the start line on 4th Avenue

A Channel 2 News team

Cook Inlet

These 2 guys came out to watch their cousins

Goofy hats!!!

Preparation on G Street

G Street mushers

Fortunately, not the racing kind!!!

"Last one to Nome buys the M&M's..."

"The last musher's were all out of the chute and on their journey to Nome ( by way of Fairbanks this year unfortunately;-) In about 40 minutes the snow fences were being taken down, the ads removed and the crowds dispersed in total. Not a soul left on the street or sidewalk. But then we watched a small boy climb up and onto the back of the Bronze Husky Statue. He mounted the dog's back leaning forward like one would ride a horse. Dreaming a small boy's dream, flying like the wind in pursuit and in a race with the hardy musher's on their 1000 mile journey to Nome.  The lad looked to be in the 8 year old range.  He was totally alone but we're certain he could surely hear the roar of a non existent crowd ~ cheering him on.  My wife immediately said 'Last one to Nome buys the M&M's'"

Excerpt from an e-mail message received from Jim and Nancy of East Liverpool, Ohio

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